The Beautiful Boston Book Club

Date: January 30, 2012

Line: Unknown

Submitted By: Patrick

Whether you’re gripped by Harry Potter’s search for the last horcrux or you’re captivated by Mr Darcy (while secretly pretending you’re Elizabeth Bennett), membership to this book club is restricted. You can only join if you’re as hot as this guy. Although, frankly I’m not sure how much reading would actually get done. Excuse me while I reattach my jaw to my face.

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  • Emmabaulez

    Wow this guy is cute. Which book club does he go to?

  • Amen

    So Patrick Are You Gay? Is This Site Now For Women And Gay Men To Fawn Over Unsuspecting Males?

  • Pmcii

    Hot is hot regardless of whether the observer is gay or straight

  • Mondaythe10th

    Patrick, keep riding the train and sharing the beauty you find.  You always make me smile. : ) 

  • Jazzfade

    Boston guys dress so weather inappropriate. It was nice yesterday but not shorts and polo weather.

  • Lisa

    he definitely knew this was being taken.. he looks so confused lol

  • val

    thats the orange line.

    • Pmcii

      It’s the red line